The digitalwebdude and our team of experts provide world class online services for the lake of the ozarks and missouri. We take pride in our cutting edge solutions and aim to "WOW!" every single person that visits your website.

Build a viewership that increases your business!

What People Are Saying

Working with Neal has been a pleasure. He has a God-given talent for website development and does amazing things that I can't even comprehend. I'm so thankful that I have been blessed to have Neal work on my projects. Everyone that sees my website is blown away, they love it! My video commercial is so professional and intriguing that they actually watch the whole thing! Hiring the Digital Web Dude is definitely a wise decision.

Kurt Liebl

Lake Tree Man, Liebl Tree Services

I'm writing this recommendation for the Digital Web Dude. Neal is more than a pleasure to work with. He doesn't just cover the basics but goes above and beyond in research, web search optimization, logo creation, and web design. He loves what he does and it shows in all his work. He has a heart for ministering to people and is passionate about serving. Our website design is very user friendly and was created with very little instruction rom us. He made it easy for us to add updates and make quick changes. If your church or business needs a web makeover look no further!

Thom Jones

Senior Pastor at The Door

I have known and worked with Neal for many years, both professionally and personally. I am always surprised with his creative vision. He is one of the few people that I know that has great technical capabilities and artistic nuance. It has been almost 8 year since Neal developed the first user interfaces for our software platforms and while they have evolved over the years they still bear a remarkable resemblance to the original design Neal created. I would highly encourage anyone looking for UI/UX or design work to consider Neal, you won't regret it.

Jason Hannam

Safekick Empowered Solutions

Neal worked for my web design business. I was very happy with his work - it was high quality and he always checked it to avoid little glitches. In this industry, most people are either strong technologists or strong graphic designers. Neal is rare in that he brings skill and talent in both to his work. He produced web work that looked great with strong visual flair and that also worked great. If you are in this industry you will know how rare that is. You are welcome to contact me for a further reference - it will be good!

Abigail Gorton

Abigail Gorton Web Strategies

Neal is one-in-a-thousand. If you want to work with a truly gifted developer you should look no further. It’s one thing to be able to code, but to be able to develop applications that deliver elegant solutions, balance form with function, and provide a great end-user experience, is quite another! I highly recommend.

Nicholas Ripple

Jason's House

Neal's talent is a double-edged sword because he can not only code but has a keen eye for design. It's hard to find a dependable developer and almost impossible to find one that has creative abilities and design sense. Neal is a win-win for anyone looking for a reliable and experienced developer.

Jonathan Shoemaker

SiSTeR Technologies

Neal is a great UI/Graphic Designer, and a very fast learner. He is extremely sharp and very flexible. We threw so many challenges at him and he always came back with something that exceeded our expectations. His designs are always innovative, appealing and unique. He was by far the best UI designer I have worked with. I would highly recommend him.

Bassel Samman

Safekick Empowered Solutions

Neal has designed multiple logos for Driven Networks and StratoZen. We gave him very little information to work with, because we really didn't know what we wanted. He is extremely creative and works very fast. He had multiple logo options within the week after contracting him. He was very easy to work with and let us pick and choose things we liked about the logos until we came down to the final design. I wholeheartedly recommend Neal and will use him in any future endeavors.

Dan August

Driven Networks

Neal Gist is the DIGITALWEBDUDE. He loves his home—the Lake of the Ozarks—and is actively involved in the community. You may find him campaigning for political office, volunteering at church, or constructing an earthship with his wife, Elisha. He is passionate about focusing his 15 years of multimedia experience to benefit local businesses at the lake and surrounding areas.

The Team

We've spent the last 15+ years building relationships with digital media professionals across the country. When extra-large projects merit specialists, we assemble the dream team to bring your vision to life! In the past we've worked with film production crews, award-winning designers, photography extraordinaires, audio engineers, set designers, music composers, user experience industry leaders, and award-winning content writers. For typical projects, the Digital Web Dude leads every initiative and usually designs and develops each project himself. His wife is an industry leader in inbound marketing and collaborates on any marketing, SEO, or advertising initiatives.

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