Quick Social Media Tips for your Small Business

Every good marketer is after solid social media tips. It’s no wonder, considering 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing is effective for their business. Did you know that 90% of millennials are on social media for at least two hours a day? Heck, even 50% of baby boomers log in daily. Unless you’re solely targeting the silent generation (those born before 1945), sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn bring about opportunities for customers to engage with your brand. For all you non-marketing dudes and dudettes out there, we’ve broken down the top social media tips to get you on your way to being a social expert!

Social Media Tips | #1 Regular Postings

Show your online audience that your business is alive and thriving by posting regularly. This demonstrates that you will be responsive if they interact with your page and gives a sense of organizational well-being. Think of it this way, as a social media user, if you visit a social page that hasn’t had a post in two years, your first thought is likely “I wonder if they’re still in business?”.

Frequency of posting and type of content varies by industry and social platform. A good general rule of thumb is 1 - 5 posts weekly. When thinking of what to post on your social page, your goal should be to either entertain, educate, or inspire your audience.


Social Media Tips | #2 Have Compelling Graphics

There’s no easy way to say this. Having less than stellar graphics makes your brand look cheap and unprofessional. If your graphics look outdated or poorly composed, some followers might assume your business is struggling. This impression can be detrimental to small business growth. Having modern graphics conveys success and drives social media engagement.

At the minimum you’ll want to have a contemporary logo and fresh cover image. Logos make perfect profile pictures, as they reinforce brand awareness each time your followers see your posts. Cover images and videos are equally important, given that they are the first impression your users will see when landing on your social page. Think of cover pages like billboards. Leverage these images or videos to educate your customers on current specials, draw attention to your call to action, or give them a sense of what your organization is all about. We recommend updating your cover image quarterly.

When creating regular posts, it’s not necessary that every image be an original design. However, when promoting sales, specials, and the like, it’s always a good idea to have these posts align with your branding.


Social Media Tips | #3 Have Calls to Action (CTAs)

Always be cognizant of the potential calls to action you can have on your social pages. A call to action is a button (or link) that prompts your users to take an action. Examples being: visit your website, contact your business, or simply learn more. The optimal calls to action for an organization will vary based on industry. For example, if you own a hair salon a “book appointment” CTA would be ideal. If you own an online retail store, a “shop now” button would be fitting.

On Facebook, there is an option to choose from different calls to action for your page. The Facebook call to action sits below your cover page image. On Instagram, there isn’t a CTA link per se, however you can add a link to your website using your bio space. On Pinterest and LinkedIn, you can leave a link to your website.


Social Media Tips | #4 Easy to Find Information

While the specific type of information you can provide your users varies on each social platform, be sure that your users can find what they are looking for when they come to your social site. Your website address, hours of operation, and address (if your business has a brick and mortar location) are all likely details your users may be searching for when visiting your social pages.


Social Media Tips | #5 Get Rave Reviews

Having positive reviews about your organization is key to converting new business. 84% of people trust reviews as much as friends - this is a huge opportunity! If your current customers enjoy your business, ask them to leave a review for you. This is a simple and free way to capitalize on their positive experience. Social platforms like Facebook have a review section integrated in your business’ page. Now of course, the opposite is true too. Bad reviews can have harmful effects. If you do get a poor review, be sure to respond to the person directly and see how your business can make it right.


These quick social media tips are just the start when it comes to social media marketing, but if implemented they will get you on your way to a solid ROI. Looking for a firm that can help you convert your social following into revenue? Get in touch with us today!










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